FIRST of all, I offer a FREE trial membership for you to check out my service so it doesn't cost you anything to see my results. I am confident that once you do you will figure out that you more than get your money's worth out of my service. It is priced to meet the needs of all budgets. I am an honest capper that you can trust. I am also 100 percent transparent as you can always see my results. I discuss my data with my sources and also watch the games to further strengthen the ability to make my picks. This is very time consuming, but it is my passion. I LOVE to win, but even worse I HATE to lose.

Here is what you won't get out of my service.  I will never say things such as GAME OF THE YEAR...CONFERENCE GAME OF THE YEAR… SEC GAME OF THE YEAR...I don't know about you, but I can't stand it when I get an e-mail or a text stating this. If I like or love a game I will simply tell you.

Here is what makes my service FUN and different from all others.  I invite my members to LIST YOUR PICKS in my forum. It is fun to see how you can do at picking  games and how well you stack up against other forum members. This also gives you an opportunity to follow HOT forum members  as we are all on the same team here with the  goal being to make some money. You do not have to post in the forum if you do not want to however it’s an option that you get with my service.

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